Services & Capabilities

Higley Inc. is strategically located in the Midwest, making it an optimal hub for efficient chemical order fulfillment and product distribution from our on-site warehouse and distribution center.

Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Solutions

At Higley Inc., we offer full-service custom contract manufacturing to meet a wide range of chemical and packaging needs for our customers.

Sourcing and Procurement

Our team diligently manages inventory levels for chemical materials to ensure continuous, cost-effective access to essential raw materials, bulk handling, and packaging components.

Chemical Blending

Higley Inc. excels in both liquid blending and filling, utilizing state-of-the-art mixers offering flexible batch sizes to accommodate various blending requirements.

Quality Control Testing

Our ISO-9001 & 14001, EPA, FDA, Green Seal and Kosher certifications guarantees that our processes and products adhere to the highest standards, ensuring consistent quality across all market sectors.

Chemical Packaging

We provide versatile packaging solutions for both liquid and powder products, offering a range of sizes and styles to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Technical Support

Higley Inc. our scientists are focused on cutting edge enviromentally friendly solutions, however can assist in formulating traditional chemistry

Partnership Opportunities in Contract Manufacturing

Higley Inc. is dedicated to forming strong partnerships with our clients, providing top-tier contract manufacturing solutions through our extensive expertise and cutting-edge facilities.