Draftec Acid Line Cleaner

• Removes hard water salts and calcium build-up.
• Proven to be the most efficient acid cleaner on the market.
• Necessary every two months for proper beer line maintenance.
• Resists corrosion in stainless steel tanks.
• Approved by all major American breweries.

Choice of red traceline indicator or clear.
Available in 32oz bottle or bulk: 5, 15, 30 or 55 gallon

– Free base freight on all pallet orders
– 32oz bottles shipped with no hazmat
– 100% American-owned and manufactured


This beer line cleaner additive package is designed to attack every element of beer stone when beer breaks down in your draft lines. Draftec’s beer line cleaning chemicals will eliminate mineral crystals, hop resins, yeast residue, sugar and protein build-up, bacteria, mold and biofilms that are embedded in the polymers of the beer tubing.

Our Draftec beer line cleaner is approved by all major U.S. breweries and is the only beer line cleaning chemical to have international brewery approval.

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